KJTX - Wisdom Ministries, Inc.
Corporate Office
P.O.Box 150508
Longview, Texas 75615

President - Dwayne P. Jackson
Vice President - Ray L. Williams
Secretary/Treasurer - Deloris Jackson
Accounting Director - Brenda Richardson
Traffic Director - Sharon Hebert
AAP Coordinator - Jocelyn Jordan

Wisdom Ministries,Inc. Board Members:
Leroy Richardson - Frank Penny Edwards
 Curtis Collins - Ray L. Williams 
Dewayne P. Jackson 

KJTX is a commercial operated radio station, owned and operated by Wisdom Ministries, Inc. since April 1993. Wisdom Ministries, Inc. was founded in November 1992, serving the community with various projects, such as, Radio Angels, Family Mealtime, Can Good Drives, Health Fairs and much, much more. in October of 1996 KJTX began operating 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week and then in December of 1997 KJTX 104.5 FM doubled its power to 6,000 watts and relocated it's first studio to 625 Kellyville Cutoff in the historical Kellyville Community in Jefferson, Texas, which is the 5th oldest town in East Texas. Then in January of 2002, KJTX launched it's coporate office  in Longview, Texas.
KJTX 104.5 FM reaches over 30 different major cities to include, Texarkana, Shreveport and Longview, and several of the surrounding areas such as, Mount Pleasant, Dangerfield, Pittsburg, Gilmer, Gladewater, Marshall, Jefferson, Kilgore, Tatum, Benton and Vivian in Lousiana, to name a few. The station has an estimated 50,000 listeners to include over 300 affiliated churches, colleges, such as, ETBU, Letournea University, Kilgore College, TSTS, Panola College, Wiley College, Jarvis Christian College, as well as numerous school districts in the listening region.
KJTX's programming is a blend of multicultural gospel music, including, gospel jazz, gospel pop, gospel rock, traditional gospel, contemporary gospel, gospel country and gospel hip-hop to name a few. The station is well balance with gospel news, sports, health,job and financial news, as well as airing several local and out-of-state ministries.